Websites For Tax Pros is a website development firm devoted to the needs of tax professionals, accountants, CPAs, enrolled agents and financial planners.  A laser-like focus on the financial industry allows us to specialize in the industry-specific concerns of our clients. Our streamlined protocols give us the ability to quickly and efficiently setup your website in a matter of days.  We continually add new features and upgrades to the platform and push them out to all of clients at no additional charge. We rely on customer satisfaction to keep us going, so the entire Websites for Tax Pros community benefits from our continued efforts to develop and improve our product.

Websites for accountants

The majority of consumers use their computers, tablets, and phones to locate local businesses. When searching for a CPA in Wilmington, Delaware for example, a modern consumer is much more likely to google “wilmington de cpa” than to search in the yellow pages.

Optimized for search engines

Search engine robots need to find your website, index it, and easily understand what it’s about, so that when a user searches for services in your local area, the search engine knows that your website should be in that mix. We optimize all of our websites for the search terms people are most likely to use in your firm’s local area.

We also offer services to keep your website fresh with content updates, social media postings, and automated news feeds. This ensures that the search engine bots return regularly to check for content updates.

Responsive websites for accountants

A responsive website is one that adjusts to the screen of the user, presenting an optimized view no matter what size device they happen to be using. In short: it works well on mobile devices. A mobile-friendly website makes it easy for users to get to the information they’re looking for quickly and easily without having to zoom in and fumble around with menu buttons and links that weren’t meant for a mobile touch device.


Additionally, Google has warned that it will start to penalize websites that are not responsive. This means that if a user is searching for “wilmington de cpa” in her phone, a non-responsive website will be ranked much lower than one that works perfectly on mobile devices. This is huge concern in an era when 60% of website traffic takes place from a mobile device. If your website isn’t optimized, you could be compromising more than half of your potential leads.

Find out if your own website passes the Google Mobile-Friendly Test – if not, you better get that taken care of ASAP!

All at a low monthly cost

Our white glove all-in-one accountant website platform costs $59 per month with a $149 setup fee. For that price you get everything you need to have a respectable online presence and make yourself visible to consumers in your area. You get a fresh, modern website that you can easily edit yourself without ever having to rely on a third party IT person again. Your website will work, plain and simple!

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